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    SoniCure is the next generation ESWT based on digital array control technology. It’s digital concept goes beyond the traditional analog method.

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Next Generation ESWT : SoniCure

World First 3D Dynamic Focusing

SoniCure is the next generation ESWT based in digital array control technology.
SoniCure opens up the future of ESWT that was unimaginable in the analog based traditional ESWT technology

  • Software based Depth Adjustment: No need to Replace Gel Pad Anymore

    SoniCure’s focusing depth is adjusted by software without replacing the gel pad. You can easily change focusing depth in 3D from the user-specified range.

    3D Focusing Technology with Less Pain

    Due to its 3D focusing technology, SoniCure offers you with a pain-free treatment on the skin surface.

  • User Friendly GUI: Normal Mode and Expert Mode

    SoniCure will support you with a user friendly GUI presenting various treatment environments such as normal mode and expert mode.

    Light-weighted, Reflectionless Transducer & Symptom-specific Treatment Protocols

    Also, its built-in symptom-specific treatment protocol and light weight, reflectionless transducer greatly helps the operator with the easier and comfortable treatment process.

Basic Principles of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy(ESWT) System

  • – Vacuum bubbles in the calcified area is generated by sound waves and the calcified area is softened and absorbed into the body.


    – By shock waves being applied to the pain area, blood flow in the affected area is increased and inflammation is ameliorated, as a result, tendons, surrounding tissues and bones heal quickly.


    – Reducing pain by transmitting shock energy waves to pain triggering tissues which result in a decreased level of neurotransmitters.


    – Promoting capillary reformation and improving metabolism & blood circulation.

  • Legs

    Plantar Fasciitis
    Tibial Anterior syndrome
    Osgood Schlatter disease
    Patellar tendonitis


    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Golfer/Tennis Elbow
    Ulnar humeral Epicondylitis


    Calcific Tendonitis
    Periarticular Shoulder pain
    Shoulder impingement syndrome

    Hip Joint

    Femoral Muscles Pain
    Trochanteric Tendonitis


Max. acoustic pressure 80Mpa
Energy density 0.96mJ/mm2
Penetration depth 60mm
Depth 0~60mm
Energy level 20steps (levels)
PRF Max. 30Hz
External interface HDMI, USB, Ethernet


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International Inquiry

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Domestic(Korean) Inquiry

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