• NPT-Sonicure

    NPT-Sonicure is the next generation ESWT based on digital array control technology. It’s digital concept goes beyond the traditional analog method.

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Next Generation ESWT : NPT-Sonicure

World First 3D Dynamic Focusing

NPT-Sonicure is the next generation ESWT based in digital array control technology.
NPT-Sonicure opens up the future of ESWT that was unimaginable in the analog based traditional ESWT technology

  • Software based Depth Adjustment: No need to Replace Gel Pad Anymore

    NPT-Sonicure’s focusing depth is adjusted by software without replacing the gel pad. You can easily change focusing depth in 3D from the user-specified range.

    3D Focusing Technology with Less Pain

    Due to its 3D focusing technology, NPT-Sonicure offers you with a pain-free treatment on the skin surface.

  • User Friendly GUI: Normal Mode and Expert Mode

    NPT-Sonicure will support you with a user friendly GUI presenting various treatment environments such as normal mode and expert mode.

    Light-weighted, Reflectionless Transducer & Symptom-specific Treatment Protocols

    Also, its built-in symptom-specific treatment protocol and light weight, reflectionless transducer greatly helps the operator with the easier and comfortable treatment process.

Basic Principles of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy(ESWT) System

  • – Vacuum bubbles in the calcified area is generated by sound waves and the calcified area is softened and absorbed into the body. 

    – By shock waves being applied to the pain area, blood flow in the affected area is increased and inflammation is ameliorated, as a result, tendons, surrounding tissues and bones heal quickly.


    – Reducing pain by transmitting shock energy waves to pain triggering tissues which result in a decreased level of neurotransmitters.


    – Promoting capillary reformation and improving metabolism & blood circulation.

  • Legs

    Plantar Fasciitis
    Tibial Anterior syndrome
    Osgood Schlatter disease
    Patellar tendonitis


    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Golfer/Tennis Elbow
    Ulnar humeral Epicondylitis


    Calcific Tendonitis
    Periarticular Shoulder pain
    Shoulder impingement syndrome

    Hip Joint

    Femoral Muscles Pain
    Trochanteric Tendonitis


Max. acoustic pressure 80Mpa
Energy density 0.96mJ/mm2
Penetration depth 60mm
Depth 0~60mm
Energy level 20steps (levels)
PRF Max. 30Hz
External interface HDMI, USB, Ethernet




International Inquiry

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Domestic(Korean) Inquiry

ㆍTel : +82-2-6124-5900

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International Inquiry

ㆍTel : +82-2-6124-5900

ㆍEmail :

Domestic(Korean) Inquiry

ㆍTel : +82-2-6124-5900

ㆍEmail :